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Individual and Supplemental Insurance

Nelson Benefits Group offers individual and supplemental insurance options to meet the needs of clients whose group insurance may not include all the coverage desired or is not offered through the workplace.   Individuals may be starting up a business and may not yet qualify for group insurance, or find that the coverage limits or pricing of current benefits may not fit your needs. 

Individual Medical Insurance


CIGNA Individual Health Insurance

HumanaOne Individual Health Insurance



Individual Dental and Vision Insurance

HumanaOne Individual Dental and Vision Insurance Quotes



Short Term Medical Insurance

If you are unemployed, self-employed, in between jobs, a recent college graduate, or in need of an alternative to COBRA, you may wish to have a Short Term Medical plan.  This solution provides creditable coverage for up to a year until medical insurance is obtained.

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Nelson Benefits Group can also assist with other lines of coverage such as Life, Disability and Long Term Care insurance on an individual basis by Sending Us An Email.